EPC Covid-19 Update - March 13, 2020.

Hello Again,                            

Circumstances related to Covid 19 are evolving rapidly and so my comments today may well change in the coming days and weeks.

Please stay informed by visiting the following Alberta Health Services website and please stay well using all the recommended and oft repeated precautions for the prevention of the spread this rapidly changing virus:

As of this writing, our indoor programs at Riverbend Junior High School and Parkview Junior High School can proceed but are subject to our requirement that participants sanitize or disinfect their hands prior to entering the courts and when they leave the courts.  Those programs have only three courts so the maximum number of participants is 16.

I have had several responses from members that Clorox and the like wipes are very harsh on skin and that use of hand sanitizers should be recommended instead.  While this is sensible advice, alas, it is not advice we can act on.  Frankly, I have not seen hand sanitizers for sale in stores for at least two weeks. If you see hand sanitizer for sale, anywhere, please buy it for us and submit the receipt to us for reimbursement.

Making homemade sanitizer for our club is also not an option because we cannot verify or confirm a homemade product’s efficacy.

Programs at Westmount Fitness Club may also proceed at this writing.  There, too, we have three courts available so the maximum number of participants is 16.  These programs, too, are subject to our EPC requirement to disinfect and sanitize prior to entering the courts and then again when leaving the courts.

Later this morning, I will be writing to our 2.5 and 3.0 members directly regarding the next sequence of sessions at WFC.  Please watch for my email.

Crestwood Curling Club will offer us 6 courts three times a week starting April 20.  More information on that in the coming weeks. This is a good option for us and we will be establishing protocols for that site as well.

At this writing, we have made no changes to our plans for the opening of our Courts at Royal Gardens.  We usually clean the winter debris and set up nets and windscreens in mid April and then our Court Schedule usually takes effect May 1.

However, this season, we will make an important change to our court schedules for all our heavily used outdoor sites.  That change is that we will incorporate a 30 minute changeover time between all sessions.  This social distancing strategy will allow one group to leave the courts and another group arrive at the courts for the next session with minimal mingling and massing of members.  Sad but such are times in which we live.

We have made no plans to cancel, suspend or reschedule our Battle of the Paddle Tournament at this writing.  That, of course, could change in the coming days and weeks.  Please stay tuned.

However, the Social which has traditionally accompanied our tournament is cancelled as a result of the requirements expressed by the province’s Chief Medical Officer.

Folks, please take good care of yourselves and stay as healthy as possible.  And try to find ways to look after one another.  Check on your friends, encourage them to incorporate all the recommended preventative measures into their daily routines and let’s all  help one another stay positive.

Now especially – Paddles Up, everyone!


Edmonton Pickleball Club is a registered non-profit organization in Alberta.
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Edmonton Pickleball Club is a registered non-profit organization in Alberta.
Postal address: c/o 304 Caldwell Close NW, Edmonton AB, Canada T6M 2W9

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