News Update - March 4, 2020.

Hello Everyone,

Crestwood Curling Club Opportunity

Your response to the question about securing indoor pickleball time at Crestwood Curling Club in April, May and a bit of June was, frankly, overwhelming!  Just over 100 of you shared your thoughts with approximately 70 favourable responses. No one was explicitly opposed to the opportunity – instead those were folks who were already happy playing indoors at other venues.

Thank you to all who responded!

Ratings Clinics Are in the Works

We are planning to hold Ratings Clinics in mid April.  Please remember that to play at 3.5 or 4.0, you will need a commensurate Club Rating.  So, if you think your game is maturing and you are ready to challenge the 3.5 or 4.0 level, you will need to participate in one of the following Club Rating Clinics:

April 16 from 6:00-8:00 PM

April 17 from 6:00-8:00 PM

Location will be confirmed next week.  The Rating Clinic fee will again be picked up by the club but, if there will be a facility charge to the club, we will pass that charge on to you.

Please contact me directly at if you would like a spot at one of these clinics.

However, and this is really important, you must be a 2020 EPC member before I can accept your name on the Rating Clinic list. So, hop onto our website and renew your 2020 EPC membership if you haven't already done so.

Plans for 2020

We are excited about some of our plans for new offerings on our courts schedules.  At our Royal Gardens site, we are planning to expand our ladders to four ladders per week.  Members can choose to play in one or two of the ladders and all results for all ladders will be recorded on software.  This is an enhanced software package which offers participants a better analysis of their performance.

We are happy to continue with our traditional Friday afternoon Mixed Ladder for 3.5 and for 4.0+.

And we are also happy to continue our traditional Monday afternoon Mixed Ladder for 3.0.

However, we are planning to add a Womens Only Ladder on Wednesday evenings and a Mens Only Ladder on Tuesday evenings.  Interested?

In 2020, we want to provide more opportunities for our members who want more competitive play time slots throughout the week.  More plans to come!

Our  expansion at the courts at Bonnie Doon is still on track – in fact, we have been told we will have even better access to court time than we dared hope for.  Fingers crossed, everyone!

Tournaments News

You will be able to register for our Battle of the Paddle on April 2 on

Be ready to register because we don’t want you to miss out on a really good time!

Please take special note of the Westlock PB Tournament which is a go! 

And from our friends at Pickleball Alberta, here is a partial listing of some of the tournaments around Alberta:

· Pepinillos Cedarbrae: March 8th/Sign up ( Sanctioned/Calgary

· The Paddle Room: March 20-22/Sign up ( /Non Sanctioned/Edmonton

· Luck of the Irish – March 27-29/Sign up ( Sanctioned/Stony Plain

· Spring Ahead – April 4-5 /Sign up ( Sanctioned/Westlock

· Southern Alberta Open:  May 9-10/Sign Up ( River

· Camrose Open:  May 16-17/Sign Up (

One last thing, you can disregard the notice from Pickleball Alberta that your PA/PCO membership is about to expire.  If you have already renewed your 2020 EPC membership, we are now in the process of uploading our membership to PA and so you’re good to go.  (the earliest we were allowed to upload our information was March 1).

However, if you have not yet renewed your 2020 EPC membership, of course we would like you to do that now – because, as you can see, membership has benefits for you!

The outdoor season really is just around the corner!

Paddles Up!


Edmonton Pickleball Club is a registered non-profit organization in Alberta.
Postal address: c/o 304 Caldwell Close NW, Edmonton AB, Canada T6M 2W9

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Edmonton Pickleball Club is a registered non-profit organization in Alberta.
Postal address: c/o 304 Caldwell Close NW, Edmonton AB, Canada T6M 2W9

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