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 Newsletter - September 26, 2018.

Hello Everyone,

This is the email which I haven’t wanted write….

The early arrival of cold weather forces us to cancel our Ron Strank Members Only Charity Pickleball Tournament which had already been rescheduled once to Saturday September 29.  The high for this coming Saturday is forecast to be in the 6C range and that’s just too cold for fun Pickleball.

On the upside, our Fall Social on September 22 was a smashing success and we will be making a donation to the ALS Society of Alberta in the amount of $1300.  Many thanks to you all!

And many thanks to our amazing organizing committee: Doug Bowers, Carol Salisny, Debbie Lamoureaux, Michel Lamoureaux, Rose Bateman, Ray Tailleur, Sharyn Pridham, Lois Torhjelm, Brenda Duncan, Bruce Duncan, Patty Chong, Jeff Chong, Wendy Schilling

Speaking of our colder weather-

We will start our winter court shut down on October 9.  Tom Sperling is mobilizing our Maintenance crew to take down windscreens, permanent nets and our various round robin/ladder playing materials.  The temporary nets will remain available for use in case we are suddenly stricken with warm, sunny weather. More details on the shutdown and access to the PB Tutor and nets etc to come.

Our last Sign Up Genius Invites of the outdoor season will go out for the week of October 1.  After that, play is still possible, of course, but without SUG.

The hunt for indoor playing space continues with nothing new to report yet.

Sticky Note Review

Following are all the Sticky Note Comments from our Fall Social. They are unedited but thematically grouped.  We are using these comments in our 2019 club budget deliberations.  Thanks to Wendy Schilling for this compilation.



  • ·         Thanks for everything!
  • ·         Summer Student great
  • ·         Tournament
  • ·         Round Robin
  • ·         Sign up genius is genius!
  • ·         Communication is very good
  • ·         Done right. The website is easy to use
  • ·         Letting me play even though my age – Logan- Thank you
  • ·         Thank you for your flexibility in letting Logan Cassidy play
  • ·         Summer Student
  • ·         Tournament
  • ·         Loved that the lights are turned on. Great for working people.
  • ·         SUG is great
  • ·         Fabulous job. No need for improvement as far as I am concerned.
  • ·         Helen managing went well.
  • ·         3.5 Round Robins were really good. We had a great time!
  • ·         I am happy!
  • ·         Thank you to all for an awesome season.



  • ·         Have evening slots at Terwilligar for those working people
  • ·         Have occasional mixed 3.0/3.5 play organized
  • ·         Adopt a new 7 point rating system (suggestion from Andy)
  • ·         Have EPC members go to other clubs to play. Arrange regular interclub play.
  • ·         Incorporate youth programs with demand increasing, child sessions in weekly schedule
  • ·         Make a women’s league
  • ·         4.0 RR in afternoons  not mornings, please
  • ·         Put 4.0 RR later in day so people living west of the city can get these.


  • ·         More skills clinics, please. They are fabulous and necessary.
  • ·         More clinics please
  • ·         Rules need to be more understood. There were too many people confused about line fouls. Mandatory pre-season clinic.

Round Robins:

  • ·         Organize RRs for beginners (more than newbies and up to 2.0)
  • ·         Have longer breaks between round robin games – or an option to play 3 games: often isn’t a sub available
  • ·         More activities scheduled in the 1500-1700 time slot
  • ·         Round robins on weekends please, really enjoy Monday evenings
  • ·         Evening RR at RG on opposite evenings to Westridge


  • ·         Deck looks great. How about PC pipes on back for umbrellas space of 8 feet (?)
  • ·         Steam showers, hot tub, roof over our stadium, room service, masseuse
  • ·         More heat
  • ·         Music


  • ·         Charge more so PB can happen through the winter and wet days. More indoor courts
  • ·         Lights are great. Is there a way to adjust lights on north side to better see the ball?
  • ·         Volunteers  for courts after hours
  • ·         Advertise and market Pickleball –Kareem will make a good YouTube trailer for the website
  • ·         Vegetarian options at social events, e.g. cheese sandwiches
  • ·         More social events after playing
  • ·         Have membership badges won on court
  • ·         Hire Kareem again
  • ·         Make name tags available or permanent tags please.

Edmonton Pickleball Club is a registered non-profit organization in Alberta. Postal address: c/o 304 Caldwell Close NW, Edmonton AB, Canada T6M 2W9

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Edmonton Pickleball Club is a registered non-profit organization in Alberta.
Postal address: c/o 304 Caldwell Close NW, Edmonton AB, Canada T6M 2W9

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