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 Newsletter - June 5, 2018

Hello Everyone,

We had a great Grand Opening and Battle of the Paddle 2018 Tournament this past weekend!  Congratulations to all participants, players, referees, spectators, guests, volunteers, organisers!  You are all winners!

I want to go on with more information about our weekend, but first, I need to briefly interrupt that train of thought for an important announcement.

New Tall Storage Shed is in Place with a New Access Code

This morning we moved our new Tall Storage Shed onto the permanent courts area.  The new access code can be found by our Members only at the MEMBERS tab on our website.  The Tall Storage Shed will hold the balls, the Round Robin Draw Sheets, the demo paddles, the first aid medical supplies, even the lost and found.

For now, the temporary nets will remain in the old brown storage chest.  Its access code is unchanged.

Kareem Hamdon will set up the temporary nets every morning and will unlock the tall storage chest every morning.

And now, back to the Tournament

Here are the results.  I have highlighted in yellow the medalists who are EPC members.  Please join me in congratulating them when you see them on our courts! 

We are equally proud of all our player participants!  Well done!

Men’s Doubles Skill Groups






Bruce Gibson - Terry Rogers 

Steven Samalack   Patrick Wells 

Mike Tarapacki Jeff Chong 


Jeff Sandmoen  Stefan Hans


Gipaek Lee - Andy Kim 

Ian Miller - Vince Kwiatkowski 


Troy Ciochetti  Chip Bourke 

Ted Biggs - Rob White 

Doug Fogg Brian Hamilton 


Brent Jackson - Cam Rich 

Greg Labonte - Churco Quintero 

Mike Hamilton - Darren Duncan 

Mixed Doubles Skill Groups






Sheila Sutherland-Ed Dutton 

Andrea Lloyd-Devin Lloyd 

Cathy Falcon-Lyal Falcon 


Cassie Williams - Dale Rutter 

Linda Rogers Terry Rogers 

Tara Tchir - Brad Hurshowy 


Pamela Boutin - Ian Miller 

Marie Wade - David Henderson 

Sheila Crouch - Shawn Radford 


Roz Hobbs - Naveed Butt 

Barb Biggs - Ted Biggs 

Tanya Shaw - Stefan Hans 


Casey Rodgers - Brent Jackson 

Cookie Drake - Mike "Ninja" Yee 

Jan Ardis - Cam Rich 

Women’s Doubles Skill Groups






Sue Ostrowski-Danielle Moffat 

Sheila Sutherland-Brenda Stinson 

Tara Roy-Kathryn Ruckman 


Marie Wade - Gloria Wipf 

Cathy Mcalear - Ginette Lindop 

Yolande Shaw - Carmen Tarrant 


Charlene Kjenner - Gayle McDonald 

Sue Alcock  Linda Cundy 

Wendy Schilling - Wynne Shapka 


Mary Manley-Jan Ardis 

Barb Biggs-Jean Leblanc 

Diane Abrahamson-Ilsa Wong 

Kudos to EPC

We have had many positive comments from members and visitors alike.  Here are just a few:

“I want to thank you again for the great tournament. you guys did an amazing job. I am proud to be a member of the Edmonton Pickleball Club”

“A quick note to thank you for running a great tournament! Congrats!”

“we are grateful for your dedication and organizational skill”

“great job with the tournament this weekend…your efforts are appreciated”

Some EPC members might have been more visible than others on the weekend but it takes a whole club to make a successful event and this weekend certainly proved that to be true over and over again.  Here’s just one example: 

Monday was Rain Out Day for Women’s 3.0 and 3.5 but we hadn’t lined up referees for Monday (clearly an oversight). So we prepared to play without referees but, one by one, EPC members and others qualified to referee  ”just quietly turned up” ready to referee for the whole day.  “I’ll take that match”, they said.

Thank you everyone for all you did!


Edmonton Pickleball Club is a registered non-profit organization in Alberta. Postal address: c/o 304 Caldwell Close NW, Edmonton AB, Canada T6M 2W9

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Edmonton Pickleball Club is a registered non-profit organization in Alberta.
Postal address: c/o 304 Caldwell Close NW, Edmonton AB, Canada T6M 2W9

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