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This newsletter format is from a new Membership Management program that we are testing before purchasing.  It does require all members to have separate email addresses as this is how it separates all contacts and members.  Let me know what you think of the format ... and is it readable on your laptop, tablet and smart phones?  KEN


The latest schedule received from TCRC is for the period of March 20 to April 14 and has a few changes due to Spring Break next week and Good Friday on April 14.

Below is a report of some of the "behind the scenes" activities of your Board of Directors

  • Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) with Royal Gardens Community League (RGCL) for our renovated Outdoor courts.  Progress is being made to obtain approvals from the City of Edmonton, Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues, and the Catholic School Board for our mutual plans .  A legal working agreement (MOU) is also with the lawyers for their comments.  We are also expecting/hoping approval soon for a $70,000 Grant from Alberta Lotteries for our share of the expenses to upgrade. We have another Grant application waiting approval as back-up and also applied for funding a Summer Student again.

  • Community Leagues.  We currently have three different Community Leagues requesting our assistance in helping them start Outdoor Pickleball programs this summer which will take some Volunteers to assist with Lessons and play.  Another two leagues are rumored to be approaching us soon. THE BOOM HAS ARRIVED!

  • John Fry Park development opportunity. We have made a presentation to the City and attended the first meeting to include our sport as one of several being considered to expand John Fry Park located east of 99 Street and a couple blocks north of the 91st. Street Costco.  We are pitching both a new Indoor facility that could be shared with Tennis Alberta and dedicated Outdoor courts.  This project could take from 3 to 10 years to be completed but if we want the best we have to plan ahead.

  • Evening and Weekend play times.  Many emails and a meeting recently with the City attended today by our member Abed Dergham and your President is helping to locate some court times available for off-hours for our members and the many working folks that would like to play PB.  This is proving to be a tough assignment as so many other youth and sports groups all want court time.

  • Wild Apricot software for Membership and Website.
    • Many hours on the computer and phone trying to get set up with a new Membership Management program that would include an associated new Website is in trial mode at present.
  • PA (Pickleball Alberta) and PCO (Pickleball Canada) membership fees.
    • We will be implementing soon a review of all 2017 Memberships to determine if any players have paid $5 Dues to PA & PCO through another club before paying our annual dues.  If so we will refund $10 and all new Memberships can reduce their Dues accordingly if members of PA & PCO.
  • NEW  2018 Winter Classic Pickleball Tournament (January 5-6-7 2018)
    • Due to the resignation of Michel Lamoureux we are looking for a new Tournament Director and we need to have someone taking on this role soon to get it as well organized as this year.  Any Volunteers or suggestions?  Michel has offered to assist with Fundraising and advice.

See you on the Courts as I did not become a Snowbird this winter.

Ken Hurshowy


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