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For Indoor and Outdoor play as Applicable

1)      Do not chase the ball onto another court. Be courteous and return other players' balls that stray into and behind your court. If another team's ball is in your court during play, for safety's sake stop your play and have the server re-serve. 

2)      Be on time. Be early. Give yourself time to warm up properly. Be available to go on the court when your next assigned court is available. 

3)      All players like to improve.  The better, more experienced players should play with or against the less experienced players without hesitation.  We are all in the same club. 

4)      When play is completed and you are leaving the court, be courteous to players still playing and ensure ample clearance behind and beside the courts that are in play.

5)      Never use profanity or direct abuse at others on or near the court area. There is zero tolerance for comments of a sexual, gender or racist nature. Do not commit any act that could be considered unsportsmanlike.  Inappropriate behaviour, actions, language, etc. may result in suspension or cancellation of membership in accordance with EPC bylaws.

6)      Leave no garbage behind.  Remove any cans, containers, refuse from court area.

7)      Be respectful of those players on the court and avoid unnecessary interruptions. 

8)      When a point is over, return the ball to your opponent (make eye contact), not merely in his/her general direction. Take it as an opportunity to practice a lob.

9)      If the opponent claims there was a major distraction while hitting a shot (such as a ball bouncing, or someone entering onto the court), don't hesitate to replay the point. Call stop to the play and then re-serve. 

10)  Be sure to know your position on the matches list and be ready to go when your next court becomes available.

11)  If you are the last player to leave after an outdoor session,  please take-down and store the nets, lock the Pickleball equipment box, the facility gate and the sport entrance door.

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